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Frequently Asked Questions

For Online Registration instructions:




Q.   Which day of the week will my son or daughter have games?

A.   Below is a draft game schedule, by division.  Please note: Final registration numbers (amount of teams per division), weather and other factors can impact the final schedule.  Weeknight games begin at 6:00 pm. Weekend game times vary, but traditionally 9:00 and 11:00 am.

Tee-ballM, W Tee-BallM, W
Rookie MinorsTu, Th1st/2nd GradeW, F
Rookie MajorsM, W or F3rd/4th Grade (10U)W, F
Ripken NationalM, W, F5th/6th Grade (12U)M, W, or Sa
Ripken 50/70Tu, Th, or Sa 16UM, W or F
Babe RuthTu, Th
CNY ModifiedTu, Th, Sa
*Beginning with the 2022 season 8U will be combined with the Rookie program

Q.  Can my player play up an age group?

A.  After successful registration in the 'age' appropriate division, an email must be sent to [email protected] requesting that your player be transferred to a higher division.  Approval of request will be at the sole discretion of the Division Commissioners and the CSBA Board. If approved, any difference in registration fees will be required.

Q.  Can siblings play together?

A.  Siblings within the same division will be placed together.  If requesting a younger sibling with an older sibling and they aren’t age appropriate for the division, board approval is required. After successful registration, an email must be sent to [email protected]  requesting that your younger player be transferred to a higher division. If approved, any difference in registration fees will be required  

Q.   My child is 6 years old.  Should i register him/her for Tee-Ball or Rookies?

A.   If this is the first year of playing organized ball, it is strongly recommended that your child be registered for Tee-ball.  Six year old players who have previously played Tee-ball are welcome to register for the Rookie (coach pitch) program.

Q.   Can anyone play on the Modified, Mantle, or Connie Mack travel teams?

A.   These are invitational teams comprised of players who played on a WG school team during the school season.

Q.  When and how will I be contacted after Player Evaluations?

A.  After coaches have completed the draft process, you will be notified by phone/email of the team that has chosen your player. The head coach will then contact you with practice times and other information for the team.

Q.  What is included in the uniform package during the Spring Season?

A.  The uniform package for the spring season includes jersey and hat.  Discounts for baseball/softball pants/shorts will be distributed prior to the start of the season. 

Q.  What equipment will my player need?

A.  Players need a baseball glove and cleats.  Batting helmet and bats are optional.  If purchasing a bat please consult your coach as some bats are not allowed

Q.  Online registration is available for a program, but a late charge is being displayed.  Why?

A.  Many programs will leave online registration open, past the original registration deadline. If a child wants to participate in one of our programs we want to provide the opportunity.  However, having accurate registration numbers dictates number of teams, coaches, field usage and program scheduling. To support pre-season planning, a deadline is established for many programs. Registrations received after that deadline incur a $20 late fee. Parents/Players are encouraged to register prior to the deadline to avoid paying the extra fee.

Q.  When do practices start?

A.  Coaches will be provided with a practice schedule and may elect to supplement with additional practices.  Practices are dependent on weather and field availability.  Many CSBA divisions will hold indoor, preseason clinics prior to individual team practices.  

Q.  What days and times will practices occur?

A.  The coach of your team will work with the Division Commissioners to determine practice days and times. 

Q.  When does the Babe Ruth Baseball / 16U Softball season start?

A.  The BR and 16U game schedules start later than the 12 and under programs; following the completion of the school season. Games traditionally begin early-June and run through late-July. Dependent on the number of registered players, CSBA may implement a tryout/selection process for teams at this level. Preseason practices will be held for the BR program beginning in mid-April.

Q.  Who will coach my son/daughter’s team?

A.   Recreational coaches are parents that volunteer to coach a team at registration. CSBA requires that all head coaches clear a background check and complete an online certification class.  Additionally, CSBA conducts an annual coaches’ clinic during the season to help all of the coaches regardless of prior experience.  Interested in becoming a member?  Check the Calendar of Events for the next CSBA General Meeting.



Q: Who needs to attend the evaluation?  All registered baseball and softball players ages 6-12. (Excludes tee-ball players)

Q: What time does my child need to be there?
 Players will be contacted by a member of CSBA with your player's specific time-slot.

Q: What do I need to do?  Once you arrive at evaluations, sign in at the table.  You will receive your raffle tickets and any additional information/material

Q: What does my player need to do?  Simply listen, hustle and have fun!  The CSBA coaching staff will run the players through a series of drills. At the conclusion of which they are free to go.

Q: Why evaluate the players?  It is the goal of CSBA to, not only set players up for individual success, but to ensure that teams within each division are drafted as evenly as possible.

Q: My child went through evaluations last year, does s/he need to go this year?  Yes. Kids mature and develop at different rates and can show dramatic improvements from one year to the next. (This is the same reason that teams are drafted each season.)

Q: What happens after evaluations?
 Player clinics will be scheduled following evaluations.  Shortly after, Commissioners and Coaches will complete team drafts.  Each coach will then reach out to each player informing them of their team and schedule.