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Camillus Softball & Baseball Association

Code of Conduct



The Camillus Youth Softball & Baseball Association, Inc. (CSBA) has established a Code of Conduct to be followed by its participants. This Code of Conduct is to be binding on all CSBA members, coaches, players, and their parent(s) or guardians. A firm and fair policy is necessary to uphold the regulations and standards of the CSBA. The CSBA feels strongly that high standards of conduct and citizenship are essential in maintaining a sound program for baseball and softball. It is also important for the growth of our participants and their families within the community. Each participant, parent/guardian, and coach must sign this Code of Conduct at the start of each season. Failure to sign the Code of Conduct will disqualify an individual from participation in CSBA sponsored events. The league commissioners will keep the Code of Conduct documents on file.

Acts of unacceptable conduct are defined as, but not limited to, theft, vandalism, hazing, disrespect, immorality, insubordination, and violations of the law. These types of transgressions tarnish the integrity of everyone associated with the CSBA programs and will not be tolerated. Further, the use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and tobacco is strictly prohibited at any CSBA youth event. This extends to any CSBA sanctioned trips.

Violations of this code will result in a restriction from participation, a suspension for a period of time, or a loss of eligibility based on the severity of the infraction. The Board of Directors for the CSBA will convene a meeting of the parties involved in the infraction to determine in its sole and absolute discretion, the penalty, if any, that is required.

Additional Expectations of Participants in the CSBA Program:
• To be on time for all practices and games. Call your coach if you cannot make it or will be attending late.
• To be cooperative at all times and share team duties.
• To show respect for themselves and for others.
• To understand that winning is important and that losing with dignity is just as important.

Additional Expectations of Parents, Guardians, and Family:
• To be cooperative and share team duties.
• To come out and enjoy the game or CSBA function. Cheer positively for all participants.
• To have confidence in the coaches, officials, and administrators. Do not holler out any issues in front of participants. If you have an issue, please try to address your concerns in private (not in front of participants). Personal issues should be dealt with outside of the playing field. Phone numbers of league officials are available if you need to discuss a matter in private.

Additional Expectations of CSBA Administrators, Coaches, and Officials:
• To be on time for all practices and games.
• To be as fair as possible to all participants, opposing participants or coaches, and officials.
• To do your best to teach and be a leader.
• To be positive and respect each participant as an individual.
• To set reasonable expectations for each child and for the season.
• To be open to ideas, suggestions, or additional help.
• To never belittle any participant, opposing team, official, or observer. Any issues should be handled in a respectful, quiet, and individual manner.