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Camillus Softball & Baseball Association

Online Registration Instructions

Online Registration instructions: 

1. Click the REGISTRATION link on the HOME page

2.  If you have previously registered for a CSBA program online, simply log-in (skip to step 5).  Otherwise,  create a New Customer Account 

3.    Fill in all required fields and enter a username and password

        a.    The Primary Contact information is where most of the correspondence from the club will be sent, so it should be the parent/guardian's information

        b.    Your username must be entirely unique, so keep trying different letter/number combinations if your first one is not allowed/available

        c.    You will receive a confirmation email with your username once your account has successfully been created

        d.    You will only need to use this one account for any future registrations, or for the registrations of more than one child

4.    Add Participant (Player) information; click NEXT or ADD Another Participant

5.    Available Programs will be displayed.  Check the box and click NEXT

6.    Review the program(s) in your shopping cart before clicking NEXT to check out
        a.    Note: Visa and MasterCard accepted. This charge will appear on your statement as Sombrero Pay.  (CSBA has partnered with Blue Sombrero for its website services.)

7.    IMPORTANT – if you do not click “Submit” or if you do not receive an Order Confirmation email (check your spam folder, just in case!) your registration is not complete and your child’s information will not get to the Registrar.